Spa by BMW Grand River

Indulgence for your ultimate driving machine

Treat your BMW to high-quality BMW Premium Car Care products. All Car Care products are optimally tailored to care for the unique materials in your vehicle and gently clean them while offering powerful protection. Whether interior or exterior, rims or glass - you can always rely on the stringent quality standards at BMW to provide the best results.

We guarantee that the better the care you give your BMW, the greater your driving pleasure will be.

Full Body Treatment
The Complete Spa Experience This package is designed to give your BMW the complete spa experience. From top to bottom, your vehicle will be treated to the best BMW has to offer. This package includes:
Exterior Detail Items Interior Detail Items
  1. Hand-wash exterior
  2. Bug and tar removal
  3. Clean hood and trunk gutters
  4. Clear door jambs
  5. Clean exterior glass
  6. Clean wheels and dress tires
  7. Clean engine compartment
  8. Hand wax
  9. Exterior buff
  1. Clean interior glass
  2. Clean and dress instrument panel and console
  3. Vacuum interior and trunk
  4. Clean and condition leather and vinyl
  5. Shampoo interior carpet and mats
  6. Clean interior upholstery (e.g. door panels, cloth seats)
  7. Clean headliner
Additional Spa Services
Technical Services Our spa also offers technical services that can be attached to any of our packages. These services require a quick prior inspection before the date of the spa treatment. These treatments include:
  • Paint repair without refinishing
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Vinyl, cloth and leather repair