BMW Roof Rails/Roof Boxes/Ski Snowboard Holder 15% OFF

Offer Ends: 2021/02/28
BMW Roof Rails/Roof Boxes/Ski Snowboard Holder 15% OFF

Whether a spontaneous short trip over the weekend or an extensive tour – nothing is more pleasurable than a road trip with friends and family.
Discover new places and get where you need to go with a BMW Road Trip Accessory.


BMW Roof Rails

The BMW Roof Rail System features state-of-the-art design and engineering, combined with unparalleled security. Suitable for skis, snowboards, cargo, and bikes, the BMW Roof Rail System has been tested to remain stable and reliable while you focus on the road. Trunk lid racks, railings and roof boxes are available to provide more versatile transport options.

BMW Roof Boxes

BMW Roof Boxes provide additional storage space and are available in a range of different colours and sizes (320L, 350L, 460L or 520L). These boxes impress with easy loading and an innovative opening system that enables access from both sides. The six locking points and anti-theft protection of the transport boxes meet the highest security standards.

Vehicle must be equipped with roof rails to accommodate roof box. Speak with a Parts Advisor to learn more about our roof box colour match.

BMW Ski/Snowboard Holder

This dual-purpose transporter offers two ski and snowboard configurations and can accommodate either two pairs of skis, two pairs of poles and two snowboards or four pairs of skis and four pairs of ski poles. Vehicles must be equipped with a roof rack system.


Vehicle must be equipped with roof rails. For more information contact us at or (519) 747-0269.


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