Coolant System Flush $25 OFF

Offer Ends: 2023/05/31
Coolant System Flush $25 OFF

Your coolant helps provide sufficient cooling and protection to your vehicle. It also protects various metals against corrosion and prevents excessive silicate gel precipitation which may cause the cooling system to clog. Your Coolant Flush service will remove dirt, rust, water pump, and your engine's passages to ensure it is well ventilated for the road ahead. For a limited time only, enjoy the $25 off discount for a Coolant System Flush for $175 + tax only.

Benefits of a Coolant System Flush:

  • Extends the life of cooling system components (e.g. hoses, radiators, thermostat, water pump, etc.)
  • Use of Original BMW Parts
  • Performed by BMW trained technicians
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Complies with BMW manufacture's maintenance warranty


To book your Coolant System Flush service appointment contact us at or (519) 747-0269.


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