Install Your Summer Tires and Receive 15% off Brake Service

Offer Ends: 2024/05/31

Ensure a smooth transition between seasons with our comprehensive brake service, seamlessly integrated into your seasonal wheel swap. Trust our skilled technicians to meticulously inspect, adjust, and optimize your vehicle's brakes, providing you with the confidence and reliability you need on the road.

Summer Tire Install

Maximum Grip, Maximum Driving Pleasure

No other piece of equipment has a greater impact on your vehicle’s performance and safety than your tires. BMW Approved Tires, easily identified by the star marking on the exterior sidewall, are specially developed in close collaboration with leading tire manufacturers and precision-crafted to match your BMW’s exact specifications.

Brake Servicing on Front/Rear Brakes

One of the most impressive engineering features of a BMW is the brake system. Every aspect of your service- from checking brake pedals, fluids, and cylinders, to changing your brake pads, are performed by a BMW Grand River Trained Technician. Rest assured your vehicle is fully taken care of by our skilled technicians who know your brake system inside and out.

To book your Spring Tire Install, visit us in-store at 1800 Victoria Street North, Kitchener ON or call us at  (519) 747-0269


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