BMW Wiper Blades: 10% OFF

Offer Ends: 2021/11/30
BMW Wiper Blades: 10% OFF

Snow, water, and dirt are no match for the impressive cleaning performance delivered by our original BMW Wiper Blades - even after 300 hours of use. Helping to combat the weather year-round, BMW’s innovative synthetic wiper blades are designed to turn in the wiping direction as they move over the windscreen, resulting in a thorough clean with minimal noise. Created to fit exclusively to your BMW, with the highest quality.

For a limited time, receive 10% off BMW Wiper Blades. Offer expires November 30, 2021.

BMW Wiper Blades Benefits:

  • High cleaning efficiency due to innovative, synthetic wiper blades
  • Excellent results even after 300 hours of use
  • 22 decibels quieter than regular rubber wiper blades
  • The outstanding shape and higher surface pressure due to built-in spoiler


Wiper blades protect your windshield from water and other weather conditions. It ensures a safe drive by increasing visibility during tough weather conditions and other obstructions on the windshield However over time they develop cracks and tears, and begin to not perform properly. We recommend changing your wiper blades every 6 months or year. A tip to help maintain them during this time is to ensure you clean them to rid the blades of dirt.

Reasons to Change your Wiper Blades

  • Protect windshield from scratches, scraping and shattering due to poor condition of wipers
  • Wiper blades make a squeaking noise when being used
  • Does not keep windshield clear, reducing visibility with smears
  • Produces streaks when in motion
  • Skips on windshield instead of smoothly wiping


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