BMW Travel and Comfort Accessories: 15% OFF

Offer Ends: 2023/05/31
BMW Travel and Comfort Accessories: 15% OFF

BMW Travel & Comfort accessories offer added flexibility and convenience. This modular system is structured around a Base Carrier that is easily affixed between the headrest bars enabling the attachment of the Clothes Hanger, Universal Hook, Folding Table, and Tablet Holder.


The base is fixed between the front seat headrest pillars and provides a secure base for all components in the modular Travel & Comfort System. The clothes hanger, folding table, universal hook, holder for action cameras or a range of Apple and Samsung tablets all snap easily into place using the plug-in coupling system.


The Folding Table of the Travel & Comfort System, which is equipped with an overload protection, has adjustable height and angle to meet your desired use and provides a folding cupholder.


The Universal Hook of the Travel & Comfort System makes it possible to hang items of clothing or lightweight bags on the backrest to protect them from dirt in the footwell.


The Clothes Hanger of the Travel & Comfort System makes it possible to hang clothing on the rear side of the backrest. Thanks to the hotel function (standard clothes hanger), it can also be used outside the car.


The Tablet Holder of the Travel & Comfort System provides secure hold for items such as the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and other tablets and thanks to the 360° rotatable frame with angle adjustment, it can be fixed in any desired position for each rear passenger.


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