BMW Advance Car Eye 3.0 Pro

Offer Ends: 2024/05/31

The BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro is equipped with a high-resolution QHD windshield-mounted camera and a full HD camera positioned on the rear window. This setup actively monitors the vehicle during both driving and parking. With intelligent sensors, the camera can capture recordings in challenging lighting conditions, documenting potentially hazardous traffic scenarios and instances of attempted property damage. Additionally, the premium full HD camera on the rear window complements the capabilities of the BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro, capturing events occurring behind the vehicle in the event of an incident.

• Automatic recording of situations around the vehicle.
• Light-sensitive lens technology delivers detailed recordings both day and night.
• Precise recording of the route using the integral GPS receiver.
• Direct control using the all-new mobile app. Recorded events can be viewed and archived on a smartphone.
• Voice recognition for brief commands while driving.
What’s Included:
• 1x Windshield Camera
• 1x Rear Window Camera
• 1x Wiring Harness
• 1x 64 GB SD Card
• 1x Cleaning Cloth for Bonding Surface
• 1x Information Sheet
• 1x Declaration of Conformity
• 15x Cable Ties, Black
Technical Data:
QHD Windshield Camera (2560 x 1440)
Full HD Rear Window Camera (1920 x 1080) (included)
Image Sensor: Windshield Camera 3.69 megapixels 1/2.8""
Image Sensor: Rear Window Camera 2.07 Megapixels 1/2.8""
Max. 30 fps
Part #

BMW Advanced Car Eye 3.0 Pro, Set

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