BMW Lease Options Kitchener, ON

Leasing through BMW Financial Services is fun.
Okay, it's not fun. But it is specialized and customized - you'll find more leasing options, kilometre options and end-of-lease options than you ever would have expected. It's also simple - no one makes it as easy as we do for you to drive a BMW now and to upgrade to an even better BMW in the future. You win, we win.

The Benefits of Leasing

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible lease term
  • Several kilometre options
  • No residual value risk
  • Closed end lease
  • Several end-of-lease options
  • Available on New and Pre-Owned BMW models

Select from three leasing options. That's three more than what banks and most finance companies offer:

Standard Lease
Looking to experience the excitement of a BMW through a payment plan you're comfortable with? Our Standard Lease is flexible, smart and easy.

Multiple Security Deposit Lease (MSDL)
Interested in increasing your monthly payments even further? Perhaps you want to make a down payment? Our Multiple Security Deposit Lease may be the right choice for you.

Single Payment Lease (SPL)
Want to avoid the hassle of making monthly payments altogether? Interested in decreasing your cost of borrowing? Look no further than our Single Payment Lease.

Click here to view our BMW Financial Services leasing brochure.