Kilometer Options

Like to drive a lot? Don't drive as much as you'd like to?
When we say “pay only for the portion you drive,” we mean it: no one offers more kilometre options than BMW Financial Services. If the standard lease 24,000 km per year doesn’t suit your needs, you may also select from high or low kilometre options. Additional kilometres can also be purchased up front. You simply won’t find this flexibility at any financing institution.

New BMW.
In addition to the Standard Kilometre allowance of 24,000 km per year, you may choose from 3 Low Kilometre options at 12,000 km, 16,000 km, and 20,000 km per year.

Pre-Owned BMW.
Our Low, Standard, and High Kilometre options lets you choose among 18,000 km, 24,000 km, and 30,000 km per year.

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