How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

Fabian Kirchbauer Photography

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

As we bid the snow farewell and embrace the warmer temperatures of Spring, be sure to transition your vehicle for the new season as well!


✅ Tip #1: Change Windshield Wiper Blades

With spring comes rainy weather, so be sure you have visibility on the road by ensuring your wiper blades are working efficiently. The snow and ice can take a toll on your wiper blades. If you notice they are leaving streaks or are not clearing the glass properly, it may be time to change them.


✅ Tip #2: Top up on Windshield Fluid

Another way to ensure visibility while driving is having your windshield fluid topped up. This will allow you to clean your windshield from any debris or dirt that can obstruct your view.


✅ Tip #3: Have Working Lights

Along with having visibility when driving, it is equally as important to be visible on the road. Achieve this by having headlights, taillights, and brake lights in clean, working condition.


✅ Tip #4: Check the Air in Your Tires

Always make sure your tires are properly inflated for a comfortable drive by checking your vehicles recommended tire pressure.


✅ Tip #5: Proper Tires for the Road

Winter tires are great during snowy, icy conditions but once the temperature becomes 7 degrees you should make the switch to summer tires. These have deeper threads that are suitable for driving in the heat and wet conditions to avoid hydroplaning.


✅ Tip #6: Watch Out for Potholes

Coming out of winter there will be more potholes created due to the harsh weather conditions. If you approach one, make sure to slow down and carefully go over to avoid damaging your vehicle.