Full Body Spa

Treat your BMW to our Full Body Spa for $449 +tax! Our team will meticulously clean the exterior and interior of your BMW to keep it looking and smelling as new as the day you drove it off the lot.

Here is an overview of what is included with your Full Body Spa service:

Exterior Spa

  • Hand-wash exterior
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Clean hood and trunk gutters
  • Clear door jambs
  • Clean exterior glass
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
  • Hand wax
  • Exterior buff

Interior Spa

  • Clean interior glass
  • Clean and dress instrument panel and console
  • Vacuum interior and trunk
  • Clean and condition leather and vinyl
  • Shampoo interior carpet and mats
  • Clean interior upholstery (e.g. door panels, cloth seats)
  • Clean headliner

Detailing packages

Only get what your car needs with our special interior or exterior detailing packages.

Interior Spa package: $249 +tax

Interior detailing revitalizes and cleans a vehicle's interior, using specialized agents for a fresh and appealing look.

Exterior Spa package: $249 +tax

Exterior detailing enhances a vehicle's appearance through thorough cleaning, and protective measures, ensuring a glossy finish and long-lasting appeal.

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