BMW Cleaners and Care Products

Cleaning Products

Long-lasting Protection for your BMW

Do you want to keep your BMW as pristine as the day you drove it off the lot? BMW Cleaning and Care products will help protect your BMW. These products are developed exclusively for your BMW and manufactured according to the highest standard. Please visit our retail shop today to experience the full range of BMW Care Products.


Hard Wax with Nano-technology


Hard wax with nano-technology is a high performance paint protection product for all paints. High-tech nano-components and polymers offer long term protection from many environmental influences. It improves the shine and freshens up paint colours. Also suitable for chrome, painted plastic parts and alloy wheels.



Car Polish

Cleans, polishes and seals all weathered nonmetallic and metallic paintwork. Micro-fine abrasives clean gently and high quality natural wax (carnauba) provides lasting weather resistance.


Paintwork Cleaner

Cleans dull and badly weathered non-metallic and metallic paintwork. Returns the paintwork to its original colour depth.


Glass Cleaning Polish

High-quality abrasive frees car glass from stubborn contamination. Chattering of wiper blades is also reduced. Suitable for removal of fine scratches and matt blind spots on plastic rear windows of convertibles.


Concentrated Silicone Remover

Removes difficult to clean soiling such silicone, oil or grease from car windows. Prevents streaking on front windscreen providing a better and clearer view of traffic, thus improving vehicular safety, especially in bad weather.


Engine and Cold Cleaner

Cleans oil and grease off engines and power units quickly and reliably.


Cockpit Care

Silicon-free care product for all cockpit surfaces made out of plastic, wood and metal. The special combination of active substances freshens up the colours and gives the interior a pleasant smell. Reduces electrostatic charge and therefore acts in a dust repellent manner.


Window glass de-icer

For thawing iced-up windows.