BMW Certified Series

We won't give you one reason to buy a Certified Series used BMW. We'll give you six!

Exclusivity - Exclusive Selection of Pre-Owned BMWs
When you drive a BMW, you drive a vehicle that's built to last. For over 75 years, BMW has offered a degree of engineering excellence that is unmatched in the world of driving. Performance, power, unmistakable style and timeless design are the elements that go into every BMW, and have given BMWs a reputation for quality driving that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. In keeping with this proud tradition, BMW has created the Certified Series. Only available at BMW Retailers, this exclusive selection of Pre-Owned vehicles has passed the same rigorous inspections and quality controls that new BMWs go through, and each is fully equipped with peace of mind.
Assurance - Three day/300km exchange privilege
At BMW we are so confident that our Certified Series vehicles will surpass your highest expectations, we offer a 3 day/300km exchange privilege on each and every one we sell. Simply choose the vehicle you like best and, if after a few days it's not to your complete satisfaction, we will exchange it for another one in your purchasing Retailer's stock. This commitment to quality is BMW's assurance to you that a Certified Series car or SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) is the right choice for a fully guaranteed high-performance vehicle. All our Pre-Owned vehicles are backed by the BMW tradition of service and technical expertise. It's just our way of showing that we stand behind everything we do. 100% guaranteed.
Quality - Comprehensive 360-Degree Survey and Reconditioning Process
Quality. The very cornerstone of all that BMW stands for. Never satisfied with the status quo, we are constantly seeking to upgrade our products and allow them to surpass our customer's highest expectations. Only vehicles that pass our comprehensive 360-degree survey and reconditioning process with full marks qualify for the Certified Series. This exclusive line of Pre-Owned BMW vehicles goes through exactly the same quality controls as new BMWs. Performed by factory-trained BMW technicians, our rigorous checklist ensures that everything is absolutely perfect before you get behind the wheel. Our years of experience have taught us that it's the little things in life that really make a difference. That is why we check and then re-check everything down to the last detail.
Safety - Factory Extended Warranty
On top of our 360* Survey and Reconditioning process, a Certified Pre-Owned BMW provides additional coverage to your factory warranty with plan extension options. A BMW Factory Extended Warranty Plan prolongs your vehicle’s coverage giving you complete peace-of-mind that can only come from the expert know-how of BMW Certified Technicians, Genuine BMW Parts as well as the most sophisticated diagnostics tools.
Security - 24-Hour Roadside Assistance
In order to make your Certified Series experience complete, BMW offers a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week roadside assistance package that protects you against any unforeseen events along the way.
BMW Service Card
This card offers you all the protection you could possibly want, and more. No matter what time of day or night, wherever you are in Canada or the U.S., BMW is there to offer a helping hand and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If you require traffic accident, trip interruption, travel planning, accommodation or any other type of roadside assistance, all you need is the BMW Service Card. It offers you the same coverage that brand-new BMWs receive, and it’s one more reason why drivers all over the world have come to know BMW as the Ultimate Driving Experience.
Value - Special Rates and Affordable Leasing and Financing Products
BMW Canada together with BMW Financial Services offers options such as Lease, Finance and Owners Choice at special rates, making it even easier for you to get into a Pre-Owned BMW. Please see the "Pre-Owned" page on our site. When you consider the value of exclusivity, a money back guarantee, fully reconditioned, protection plan coverage up to 6 years or 160,000 km, roadside assistance and our special rates, there really is no better choice than a BMW Certified Series vehicle, backed by BMW Canada and our 39 Retailers coast to coast.