Posted: Mar 23, 2015

Written by: Nicco DeMattia
It’s no secret that watches and cars go together like spaghetti and meatballs, or beer and cookies. Okay, maybe that last one is just me. But regardless of your personal combination preferences, watches and cars are a match made in heaven.
Both mechanical, both take immense talent and dedication to make and both, if you get good ones, cost way more than we’d all like.
Now, I know many will have an issue with some of my choices, as per usual, but here are my top five favorite watches for BMW drivers.

5. Rolex Submariner: Okay, so a pretty safe, maybe even a bit boring, choice here. Everyone with even a little bit of money has a Rolex Submariner, but there’s good reason for that. The Submariner is a high-quality item with a solid, reliable movement that will stay working forever, with the proper care. It is also meticulously finished with immense attention to detail. With classic looks and tried and true movement, the Rolex Submariner is a timeless watch that looks good while driving any car.

4. Bremont MB: Bremont is one of the lesser known watchmakers on the market. Hailing from Britain, Bremont makes incredibly durable and reliable pilot’s watches and even offer a three year warranty. The MB line of watches is named for, and designed in joint with, aviation company Martin Baker, a maker of aircraft ejection seats. With a real aircraft history, Bremont ties in well with BMW. In also looks the business with a classy aeronautic design and an automatic movement made in house by Bremont.

3. Nomos Zurich Weltzeit: Nomos is also a very little known watchmaker whose movements are all made in house. Nomos also happens to be German and made in Glashutte, Germany. This particular watch, the Zurich Weltzeit is a gorgeously appointed GMT watch with its Bauhaus styling and sunken disc face. The Nomos Zurich Weltzeit is a wonderful, German-made, business-persons watch with class, sophistication and style.

2. Omega Speedmaster Professional: The Speedmaster isn’t a great watch. It’s the great watch. As the first watch to go to the moon, the Omega Speedmaster is one of the oldest designs on this list. Still with the originally designed, albeit slightly updated, movement from the 60’s, it has a real aerospace pedigree. It’s also one of the most accurate chronographs on the planet and is one of the classiest watches money can buy. Its simple yet timeless design perfectly fits the style
and pedigree of BMWs well. The professional can be had with an automatic movement or a hand-wound one, but the hand-wound is the one to get as it’s the original.

1. Tag Heuer Monaco: Tag Heuer can take a bit of flak for being the watch that every pretender wears, but the Monaco is the real deal. Named after the famous Monaco Grand Prix, it has one of the best Motorsport pedigree out of any watch on the market. Also, famously worn by Steve McQueen in the movie, Le Mans, it has some star power as well. The only square watch here, the timeless design of the Monaco, along with its Motorsport pedigree, make it number one on this list.