Winter Tire Install + Road Force Balance: $169.95

Offer Expires: December 31, 2016

It's that time of the year to store away your summer tires, and introduce your winter wheels for snowy drives ahead. Get your BMW winter-ready with a BMW Grand River Tire Install + Balance.

BMW tires make all the difference. Need a set of tires and wheels? Tire and wheel packages combine BMW approved tires with light-alloy original equipment wheels for warm weather season. Only BMW approved tires are optimally tuned for each model, and meet the highest standards of quality, performance and safety. BMW Summer Complete Wheel Sets offer a sophisticated design, unbeatable stability and ideal running properties. The wheel and tyre combinations are precisely tailored to suit the overall concept of your BMW and guarantee the optimum interplay between all chassis components – for maximum safety and unlimited summer driving pleasure. BMW-approved winter tires are designed to provide optimal performance in wet and snowy driving conditions. Their special tread compounds help with gripping the road, improving the handling and the overall performance of your BMW.


Balanced tires can be the difference between a good or bad driving experience. Some cars (and drivers) are more sensitive to an out of balance tire than others, but no one is happy with vibration.

An out of balance tire can adversely affect ride quality, shorten the life of your tires, bearings, shocks and other suspension components. If you have a vibration that is dependent on speed, and usually becomes noticeable around 65 to 75 km/h and increases as your speed increases, it's probably balance related.

A Road Force Balance is an additive to the dynamic balancing and ensures that the most sophisticated equipment is being used, making the service seamlessly automatic and eliminates guesswork.

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