Tips & Tricks:

Problem: Door Locks Freezing
Reason: Frigid, cold weather can cause your BMW's door locks to freeze.
Solution: Applying WD-40 will prevent your door locks from freezing up.

Low Battery or BMW Vehicle is Not Starting
Reason: When temperatures drop close to -20 °C, extreme cold weather can cause your BMW's battery to drain. It is very common for city drivers to have infrequent driving patterns, and as a result are not driving long enough to let their BMW's battery to charge.
Solution: A trickle or battery charger will help extend the life of your battery and help your BMW start on extremely cold winter days.

Keep All Fluids Topped Up
Reason: Engine coolant serves two purposes - to shield your vehicle from overheating and to protect your engine block from freezing.
Solution: Make sure to check that the transmission, brake, power steering, and windshield washer fluids and coolants are filled to proper levels.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do I need to check my oil level?

BMW high-performance turbocharged V engines (V8/V12) have large displacements and can consume larger quantities of engine oil compared to smaller engines within the BMW model line. All engines normally consume a certain amount of engine oil. An oil change service is necessary to properly lubricate the cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings, valves, and turbocharger(s). Engines that are fitted with a turbocharger(s) will consume more engine oil than naturally aspirated engines (non-turbocharged engines).

There's a snowflake warning light on my dashboard. What does this mean?

This is caused by ice build-up in the wheels or vibrations in the steering wheel. If enough snow or ice accumulates on the inside of the wheels, the balance will be off and you may experience a vibration in the steering wheel.

My PDC (Park Distance Control) sensors are going off for no reason, why is this happening?

Reason: When the temperatures drop to below freezing, the PDC sensors will accumulate ice and then beep as if there is an obstruction.

Solution: If possible, keep the vehicle inside a garage for a short period of time to thaw.



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