A/C Health Performance Test: $199

Breathe Easy.

Offer expires: September 30, 2017

Breathe easy this summer season with a comprehensive Air Conditioning Service from the expert technicians at BMW Grand River.

The air conditioning system in your BMW works hard all year round to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your passengers, while filtering out pollen and dust and minimizing condensation. Continuous use actually helps to keep your air conditioning working more efficiently, but it should be maintained periodically as with any other vital component. The A/C Health Performance Test includes an inspection of the temperature, parts, system, and leaks to ensure your air conditioning system is functioning smoothly. 

Taking action for cleaner air.

By passing air from outside through the micro-filter, your BMW’s air conditioning system removes 80% of the particles and deposits from traffic fumes. An evaporator assists in regulating the air temperature before it is circulated throughout your vehicle to ensure you’re always sitting comfortably.



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