The BMW Remote Engine Start System is the perfect solution for those who prefer to warm up or cool down their car from the comfort of their home or office. This system utilizes your existing keys and is activated by three presses of the lock button to trigger the remote start. Once started, your vehicle's engine will remain on for 20 minutes before automatically shutting down.


  1. Comfort - A remote engine starter offers the benefit of warming or cooling your car's interior and engine before getting in your vehicle. 
  2. Warm Engine and Oil - During the winter months, driving with a cold engine can be hard on your motor. Letting your engine run prior to driving allows the oil in your vehicle to warm up, further providing better lubrication throughout the motor. 
  3. Safety and Security - Having a remote engine starter allows for safer driving, especially when snow and ice are present on the windshield. Warming up your car before driving makes it easier to scrape and defrost your windows, resulting in greater visibility for the road ahead of you. 

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