Offer ends: December 31, 2017

BMW Grand River is offering 15% off on BMW wiper blades. Don't get caught squinting at your windshield trying to see the road. Stay safe with high-quality wiper blades perfectly designed to keep you ever vigilant when it's raining. 

Snow, water or dirt: Original BMW Wiper Blades boast optimum cleaning efficiency and perform impressively in any weather – even after 300 hours of use. In contrast to regular rubber blades, the innovative, synthetic wiper blades turn in the wiping direction as they move over the windscreen. The result: maximum cleaning power with minimum noise. Original BMW Wiper Blades are perfectly adapted to the shape and curve of the front windscreen and work reliably and powerfully even at high speeds. A spoiler on the wiper blade increases the surface pressure in reaction to counter pressure from the airstream and prevents it being lifted off. Enjoy clear visibility – in every situation – with Original BMW Wiper Blades. 


The benefits at a glance: 
• High cleaning efficiency due to innovative, synthetic wiper blades 
• Excellent results even after 300 hours of use  
• 22 decibels quieter than regular rubber wiper blades 
• The outstanding shape and higher surface pressure due to built-in spoiler 

To order your BMW Wiper Blades, visit us at 1800 Victoria Street North, Kitchener ON or call us at (519) 772-6464 for the Lifestyle Boutique.