Offer ends: June 30, 2018

Results of freezing temperatures on your wiper blades can make them rubber hard and brittle; thus increasing the tendency to crack and split. If you notice your blades "freezing up" or leaving streaks across the glass, this is a clear indication that it is time to replace your wiper blades. 


BMW Wiper Blades

Original BMW Wiper Blades boast optimum cleaning efficiency and perform impressively in any weather - even after 300 hours of use. In contrast to regular rubber blades, the innovative, synthetic wiper blades turn in the wiping direction as they over the windscreen. The result: maximum cleaning power with minimum noise.  

 The Benefits At a Glance: 

  • High cleaning efficiency due to innovative, synthetic wiper blades
  • Excellent results even after 300 hours of use
  • 22 decibels quieter than regular rubber wiper blades
  • Outstanding shape and higher surface pressure due to built-in spoiler 


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