BMW Head-Up Display Screen: $999

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Offer Ends: October 31, 2015

The full colour BMW Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly into the driver's line of sight, allowing him or her to fully concentrate on driving. The display includes data such as the current speed, navigation tips, speed limit info including no-overtaking indicator, telephone and entertainment lists, along with information and warnings from the various driver assistance systems.

The icons that are projected appear to be approximately two meters in front of the vehicle. This, in combination with optimal positioning, allows the information to be read quickly, conveniently and with minimal distraction. Drivers have the ability to select which information to display in addition to the current speed and warnings from the driver assistance systems.

The BMW Head-Up Display Screen also includes an integrated smartphone interface.


Screen dimensions: 125 mm x 42 mm
Luminance: About 800 cd/m² (max 1,100 cd/m²)
Transparency: Around 55% (65% max.)
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +95°C
Ambient Humidity: up to 90%

Installation Time: Approximately 2 hours

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