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Original BMW Spark Plugs: 10% off

Precise ignition for more efficient combustion.

Different spark plugs for different engines: Original BMW Spark Plugs are designed to perfectly meet the requirements of your engine. The spark plug housing is composed of surface-treated steel. This inhibits corrosion and prevents the thread seizing even after long periods of use, thus keeping the aluminum cylinder head undamaged. High-quality materials and a precise heat value guarantee maximum ignition reliability in cold starts, when accelerating, as well as in demanding tailback situations. In combination with High Precision Injection from BMW EfficientDynamics, the spark plug, specially designed to be used with the engine in question, ensures the optimal combustion of fuel. This superior combustion technique from Original BMW Spark Plugs reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and makes the vehicle more environmentally friendly.


The benefits at a glance:
• Optimally-designed plug for 100% ignition reliability
• Model-specific, precise heat value
• Excellent cold start, idle and acceleration response
• Extremely long life and high reliability
• Perfect geometrical alignment of material to prevent leakage and misfiring
• Higher corrosion protection
• Ideal alignment for safe ignition and protection of engine or catalytic converter

Offer Ends: June 30, 2017

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