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Original BMW Interior Filter.

Enjoy the journey and the fresh air.

Particulate matter, pollen or pollutants: Original BMW Interior Filters remove all of these dangerous elements and markedly improve the air in the vehicle’s interior. The high filtering efficiency is due to a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration and the use of active coal. The Original BMW Interior Filter has a filter area of approx 200,000 m², in relation to the total area of the non-woven textile and active coal, for optimal cleaning power – the equivalent of a 5-mm-wide strip running once around the entire circumference of the Earth. This results in it filtering out not only microparticles, but also dangerous gasses like ozone, benzene or nitrous oxide to a large extent. This significantly improves the air quality and is particularly beneficial to people with allergies. Ensure the air in the cabin of your BMW stays fresh – retrofit an Original BMW Interior Filter.


The benefits at a glance:
• Filtered three times: mechanical, electrostatic and with active coal
• Virtually complete filtering of particles up to 0.005 mm
• Active coal provides protection from dangerous gasses
• Mechanical interior filter has a total surface area of 200,000 m²
• Electrostatics for optimised filter efficiency
• Passengers’ well-being contributes to safety in the vehicle
• Resistant to chemicals and temperature fluctuations
• Robust, non-harmful materials


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