Benefits of a Battery Charger and Block Heater

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With the winter season upon us, it is important to assess your driving profile and to consider the purchase of a Battery Charger or Block Heater.

Battery Charger

In comparison to a Trickle Charger, a Battery Charger has a circuitry that monitors the battery and charges only when the voltage has dropped below a preset level. ( This enables the charger to shut off the charge so there is minimum or no supply of energy to the battery.

Benefits & Advantages:

-     Innovative circuitry
-     Battery Charger can be connected indefinitely to the car battery
-     Monitors and automatically regulates the charge, virtually eliminating sulfation
-     Optimal charge voltage even in extreme weather conditions

Block Heater

Plug your vehicle at night and wake up to a warm car in the morning. With the advantage of a BMW Block Heater, your vehicle's parts and essential components will be always experiencing ease. Starting your BMW in in frigid temperatures can cause stress to your engine, battery, and motor.

Benefits & Advantages:

-     Your BMW's oil can become thick as a result of minus below temperatures, which can present increase the amount of work on your engine
-     A thicker viscosity of your oil will not efficiently lubricate your vehicle's parts and components
-     Without proper warm-up, your engine's cold parts can become damaged

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