BMW Efficient Dynamics

Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

At BMW, we have a plan to reach zero emissions. It's called BMW EfficientDynamics. We will continue to reduce emissions and maximize fuel economy through the use of lightweight materials, aerodynamics, and our efficient internal combustion engines. In 2008, this will include introducing our clean, Advanced Diesel engines to Canada. We will then launch ActiveHybrid vehicles in 2009 as we work towards a cleaner future. To reach our ultimate goal of zero emissions, we will remain focused on liquid hydrogen as the long-term sustainable source of automotive energy. Because at BMW, it's our goal to do for the environment what we did for performance.

Our vehicles already contain a number of energy management innovations that make them amongst the most eco-conscious on the market today. Our engines equipped with Valvetronic® achieve 10-15% gains in fuel efficiency while delivering similar increases in horsepower. Double-VANOS technology optimizes engine breathing, resulting in greater responsiveness with reduced fuel consumption. Lightweight construction technologies such as carbon fiber roofs, aluminum/magnesium engines and lightweight steel further increase fuel efficiency, while optimized aerodynamics reduce drag resulting in decreased CO2 emissions. All of these technologies work in tandem to produce our environmentally responsible, high-performance vehicles of today.

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