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Press Release.
Source: BMW Group PressClub Global

Driving a car without the BMW Head-Up Display doesn’t mean missing out on the additional safety it provides. Indeed, the innovative new Head-Up Screen from the Original BMW Accessories range likewise allows navigation instructions and the latest vehicle information to be displayed in the driver’s field of view.

The Head-Up Screen can be used in almost all BMW vehicles, workshop installation is quick and the cable used to connect it with the vehicle electronics is barely visible. It can also be retrofitted at any time. All the information can be viewed on the transparent display and is positioned directly in the driver’s line of sight. The information on the Head-Up Screen is very easy to read, even in direct sunlight, which means drivers no longer have to take their eyes off the traffic and can concentrate without interruption on events on the road.

The result is an improvement in both safety and comfort at the wheel. The Head-Up Screen shows a range of vehicle information, such as the fuel gauge and – when the temperature drops – a warning of black ice. Other functions include an output display, torque display, cruise control display, the current speed limit, a traffic jam warning and the altitude above sea level.

Complementing the Head-Up Screen is the BMW Head-Up Screen app for Android and iOS, which can be used to adjust all the Head-Up Screen’s settings, such as the display brightness and selection of information to be shown. The BMW Head-Up Screen receives its navigation data via Wi-Fi using an app on the driver’s smartphone developed by Garmin and BMW (available for Android and iOS). Owners can download a free update for the navigation app once a year. Both apps are free.

head-up-display-mobile-1 head-up-display-mobile-2 head-up-display-mobile-4 

Vehicle Information:

  • Power (kW) display
  • Cruise control including set speed display
  • Black ice warning display (illuminates for 30 seconds at temperatures below 3°C or 37°F)
  • Height above sea level (depending on the car or special equipment) display
  • Speed Limit display
  • Lane Assistant display
  • Displays estimated time of arrival or remaining journey time 
  • Distance to destination 
  • Delay caused by traffic 
  • WLAN conection to the smartphone/navigation device


Technical Information: 

Transparent OLED Display
Screen dimensions: 125 mm x 42 mm
Luminance: About 800 cd/m² (max 1,100 cd/m²).
Transparency: Around 55% (65% max.). For comparison, a dot-matrix display has a max. luminance of only 500 cd/m² and a transparency of 40%.
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +95°C
Humidity: 90%

BMW confirms Partnership with Mission Impossible Franchise.

Posted: Apr 30, 2015

Source: BMW Group PressClub Canada

BMW confirmed today its role as exclusive worldwide automotive partner of the next installment of Paramount Pictures’ legendary action film franchise, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, in theaters from July 31. This is the second time BMW has “accepted the mission” to lend its superior technological support to the film’s production crew, enabling it to deliver breathtaking automotive stunt scenes shot around the globe. BMW previously partnered with Paramount on the 2011 successful release of “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol”.

The film’s official trailer, released worldwide yesterday, offers fans a first glimpse of the high-adrenaline action that only Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his Impossible Mission Force (IMF) team can deliver – including spectacular driving scenes where the new BMW M3 is put through its paces. The fifth generation M3 sports car the perfect choice to perform precision driving sequences while the BMW Motorrad S 1000 RR, which is also seen in the film trailer released yesterday, represents the ultimate performance on two wheels.

BMW ConnectedDrive, which offers uniquely intelligent connectivity between driver, car and environment, was always on hand for the IMF team as they traveled around the globe.

“We are delighted to again be a part of one of the most exciting action film franchises in movie history,” said Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management for BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing BMW. “Dynamic performance and BMW ConnectedDrive make our BMW models the perfect cars for Ethan Hunt and his team, who use the vehicles’ ground-breaking functions and cutting-edge technology to make sure the good guys come out on top. The BMW M3 combines motorsport DNA with everyday practicality in an emotionally powerful concept quite unlike any other car.”

“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” reunites Tom Cruise with “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,” stars Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames. The film also stars Alec Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions present a Tom Cruise / Bad Robot production. The film is directed by Christopher McQuarrie and produced by Tom Cruise, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. The executive producers are David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger of Skydance Productions and Jake Myers. Drew Pearce, Christopher McQuarrie, Will Staples, Laeta Kalogridis & Patrick Lussier and Dylan Kussman wrote the screenplay, based on the television series created by Bruce Geller.

Watch The Official Trailer:

Posted: Mar 23, 2015

Written by: Nicco DeMattia
It’s no secret that watches and cars go together like spaghetti and meatballs, or beer and cookies. Okay, maybe that last one is just me. But regardless of your personal combination preferences, watches and cars are a match made in heaven.
Both mechanical, both take immense talent and dedication to make and both, if you get good ones, cost way more than we’d all like.
Now, I know many will have an issue with some of my choices, as per usual, but here are my top five favorite watches for BMW drivers.

5. Rolex Submariner: Okay, so a pretty safe, maybe even a bit boring, choice here. Everyone with even a little bit of money has a Rolex Submariner, but there’s good reason for that. The Submariner is a high-quality item with a solid, reliable movement that will stay working forever, with the proper care. It is also meticulously finished with immense attention to detail. With classic looks and tried and true movement, the Rolex Submariner is a timeless watch that looks good while driving any car.

4. Bremont MB: Bremont is one of the lesser known watchmakers on the market. Hailing from Britain, Bremont makes incredibly durable and reliable pilot’s watches and even offer a three year warranty. The MB line of watches is named for, and designed in joint with, aviation company Martin Baker, a maker of aircraft ejection seats. With a real aircraft history, Bremont ties in well with BMW. In also looks the business with a classy aeronautic design and an automatic movement made in house by Bremont.

3. Nomos Zurich Weltzeit: Nomos is also a very little known watchmaker whose movements are all made in house. Nomos also happens to be German and made in Glashutte, Germany. This particular watch, the Zurich Weltzeit is a gorgeously appointed GMT watch with its Bauhaus styling and sunken disc face. The Nomos Zurich Weltzeit is a wonderful, German-made, business-persons watch with class, sophistication and style.

2. Omega Speedmaster Professional: The Speedmaster isn’t a great watch. It’s the great watch. As the first watch to go to the moon, the Omega Speedmaster is one of the oldest designs on this list. Still with the originally designed, albeit slightly updated, movement from the 60’s, it has a real aerospace pedigree. It’s also one of the most accurate chronographs on the planet and is one of the classiest watches money can buy. Its simple yet timeless design perfectly fits the style
and pedigree of BMWs well. The professional can be had with an automatic movement or a hand-wound one, but the hand-wound is the one to get as it’s the original.

1. Tag Heuer Monaco: Tag Heuer can take a bit of flak for being the watch that every pretender wears, but the Monaco is the real deal. Named after the famous Monaco Grand Prix, it has one of the best Motorsport pedigree out of any watch on the market. Also, famously worn by Steve McQueen in the movie, Le Mans, it has some star power as well. The only square watch here, the timeless design of the Monaco, along with its Motorsport pedigree, make it number one on this list.

BMW’s i Remote app will be the first automotive app for the Apple Watch.

Posted: Mar 23, 2015

Written by: Horatiu Boeriu


Apple’s Watch is set to debut by the end of April, and available for it will be BMW’s i Remote app. BMW’s app has been available since January on both Apple and Android smartphones, as well as Android-based smartwatches. However, BMW’s i Remote app will be the first automotive app for the Apple Watch.

The i Remote app allows users to control their BMW i3s in a variety of different ways. With just the touch of a screen, you can lock or unlock the i3 (not available in the US), set the climate control, honk the horn or even find where it’s parked and get turn-by-turn directions to it. Nifty. While this was already available on smartphones, customers will now be able to do it from their wrists.

BMW isn’t the only automaker to do this, Hyundai, for instance, has its Blue Link service which can interact with its cars in a similar fashion and has been available for smartphones and Android based smartwatches since early March. Automakers are starting to get involved in these sorts of technologies, as it allows them to stay more connected to their customers. Cason Grover, technology planning manager at Hyundai Motor America said “The wearables concept is really catching on.”

However, as it stands now, smartwatches are in their infancy in terms of technology and don’t seem worth the extra money for the little added convenience. The apps work on most smartphones as well, so the small extra convenience of not having to reach into your pocket, and just look at your wrist, is just an added luxury. Especially when you consider the price, which at $349.99 for the Apple Watch is more than the average on-contract smartphone, the Apple Watch i Remote App doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Although, the technology is improving, and in a few years time, smartwatches may become better and more convenient to use than a standard smartphone. “It’s going to start as a little bit of a luxury — something that the more tech-oriented people will be drawn to,” says Gover. “Over time, that may start to change.”

So as it stands, the i Remote app is a truly remarkable piece of technology, one that can make i3 customers’ experience even better. But it’s probably better off being used on your smartphone than an Apple Watch. At least for now.

Posted: Aug 26, 2014

When BMW opened the BMW Brand Store in Brussels back in March 2014, it was one of its kind in the world. First BMW Brand Store was opened in London in 2012, followed by Paris More hints.

Today, the Brussels store has been acknowledged for the utmost design and technology oriented brand stores in some of the top locations in the world. This store has been awarded by the German Design Council with the Iconic Award 2014 in the category “Interior Design Retail” (“Best of Best”).

BMW Brand Stores are an element of the BMW Group’s Future Retail program, which aims to enhance the customer experience and set new retail standards in the automotive industry and beyond. It is part of the BMW Group’s response to changing customer needs and expectations. For example, the Brussels Brand Store showcases a set of BMW i models displayed, assuring the visitors of BMW’s direction in creating fine environment friendly vehicles and allowing them to fully experience what the BMW i philosophy is all about.

“Brands have to be experienced,” says Dr. Steven Althaus, head of Brand Management BMW and Marketing Services BMW Group. “Conventional showrooms are giving way to platforms which encourage communication and enable experience. Our interior concept combines architecture, design and technology to create a new form of brand presence. This fundamental vision of successful modern presentation has now been recognized by the Iconic Awards.”

BMW Brand Store in Brussels is laid across 1,500 m2 of fine interior space that is dominated by attention to detail, technological advancements and a stunning showcase of what BMW and its products stand for in the market today. The attractive design of the exhibition space invites visitors to linger, while the latest presentation technologies encourage interaction with products and brand. Visitors are able to visualize the configuration of a vehicle on an oversized screen called the Virtual Product Presenter (VPP), for example.

Regularly changing exhibitions with different themes and installations provide insights into the different worlds of the BMW brand. More than 50,000 people have visited the Brand Store in Brussels since it opened in March 2014 with the “BMW i – eMobility” exhibition. The current “M Power & Motorsport” exhibition, which runs until early September 2014, has proved another success.


Posted: Aug 19, 2014

Multifunctional, eco-friendly and surprisingly light, the 11-piece Accessories collection from BMW i embodies the brand’s commitment to extending its philosophy into the smallest details. Developed to meet the requirements of flexible and emission-free mobility and tailored to the pure-electric BMW i3, Original BMW i Accessories are distinguished by sustainability throughout the value chain and well thought-out design allowing multiple uses. The aim was to come up with clever, well thought-out and useful products which will prove themselves day in, day out with their clear design, robustness, lightness and multifunctionality. The developers have used materials made from scrapped consumer goods – such as recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles – and renewable raw materials to produce the new Accessories. Optimised transport logistics allow CO2 emissions to be kept as low as possible, and the principle of “less is more” has also governed the selection of packaging.

“We design and produce our range according to a cradle-to-cradle process. Our aim is to preserve resources and, where possible, recycle materials. For example, we’ve developed an all-weather floor mat for the first time which is 100 percent recyclable,” explains Susanne Wüst, Product Manager for Original BMW i Accessories.

Another special feature of the 11-piece series is that low weight is a defining feature of all the products, in keeping with the innovative lightweight design concept of the BMW i models. With this philosophy in mind, they fulfil several functions where possible. For example, the luggage area protector can be converted quickly and easily into a waterproof transport box, and the clever multifunction cover offers four uses in a single package – from load compartment protector to picnic blanket. The colour scheme used for the Original BMW i Accessories can also be applied universally. Subtle tones – from black to classy grey shading – and detailed highlights in Electric Blue reference the hallmark BMW i colours.

The collection – winner of the iF product design award 2014 – was developed in collaboration with the BMW Group subsidiary DesignworksUSA: “For the BMW i accessories collection we’ve combined the message of sustainability with clever product solutions,” says Rudolph Moosmeier, Creative Director at DesignworksUSA. “The themes of lightness and the use of sustainable materials have been translated into a design language which gives this family of accessories a consistent look and is in harmony with all four interior equipment variants of the i3.”

Original BMW i Accessories are available from authorised BMW i dealers or online at

Clear in its design, varied in its use:

The BMW i folding box.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a place to pack away shopping, sports or travel accessories, the two large compartments and two small key compartments of this folding box allow all items to be arranged clearly and transported without sliding around. In order to keep dirt from the car away from items in the folding box, the inside is lined with a robust and waterproof PU-coated material. It also fits in perfectly with every BMW i model, since it is covered with the brand’s own seat upholstery material (made from almost 100 percent recycled polyester). A particularly practical detail of the folding box are its well thought-out length/height/width dimensions, which make it comfortable to carry and ensure it will fit into any shopping trolley. When empty, the box’s clever folding system means it takes up less space when stored away.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €62.50.

A boot protector which can be converted into a transport box:

The BMW i luggage compartment protector.

One product, two functions: when it’s folded out, the luggage compartment protector prevents dirt from getting into the boot, while its innovative folding and drawcord system also allows it to be converted into a waterproof transportation box in a matter of seconds. The container’s grippy surface means that loose items can be transported safely. Like the folding box, the reverse of the luggage compartment protector is also made from a robust, non-slip, waterproof PU-coated material. The outer side, meanwhile, uses the BMW i seat cover material, made from recycled PET.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €99.

Flexible use:

The BMW i function cover.

Whether employed to protect the rear compartment, load area with the seats down, boot or loading sill, or indeed as a picnic blanket, the function cover – made from recycled PET – proves a versatile operator. The design of the cover and its precisely positioned elastic hoops allow it to slip as seamlessly into the interior of the BMW i3 when the seats are upright as when they are folded down. For example, on the rear seats it can be used as a dirt or dog cover, and the concealed notches allow the seatbelts to be used at the same time. This innovative and universal usability has removed the need for production of three other products and therefore saved on resources. Another neat feature of the ultra-lightweight function cover is that the recycled PET used to make it has two different surfaces – one a soft fleece, the other a waterproof material. The soft side of the cover is pleasant to the touch, making it ideal as a picnic blanket or play mat for children outside the car as well.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €99.

A charismatic treat for the hands:

The BMW i key cover.

Similarly to a soft cover on a smartphone, the key cover slips around the BMW i key like a second skin, with full remote control functionality maintained. And, with a telltale BMW i Electric Blue colour scheme, it wears its BMW i brand family ties on its sleeve, so to speak. The velvety, supple material consists of 40 percent renewable raw materials. A particular highlight of the material are its phosphorescent qualities, which allow the key cover to glow in the dark.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €13.98.

Made to measure:

The BMW i board case.

The robust board case has been developed specially to fit in the luggage area under the bonnet of the BMW i electric and hybrid cars. It uses folding inserts to clearly and neatly accommodate charger cables, tools and other items – such as car care products and the original BMW repair gloves supplied with the case. The waterproof materials provide effective protection from dirt and spray for both charger cables and electric plugs. If the cable is stored while wet, eyelets in the base of the board case allow moisture to run off. The developers keenly avoided the use of PVC in the production of the materials. Instead, they used a robust PU material, whose durability also serves the cause of sustainability and which comes from a bluesign-certified supplier. This certification is awarded in recognition of sustainable production and manufacturing processes.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €83.50.

Cools in summer, protects in winter:

The BMW i climate cover.

So simple and yet so efficient: the precision-designed climate cover can be positioned and fixed in place quickly and easily in the BMW i3. Once in place, the UV-resistant and reflective surface bounces back incoming sunlight during the summer and keeps the car shady. As a result, less energy is required to cool the interior. In the winter, it protects the car at the front and sides from ice and snow, so that heating the windows is no longer necessary. Another well-conceived idea is the small spyhole for the windscreen, which keeps parking permits visible. The climate cover is made from recycled PET with a silver-vaporised outer skin. The innovative all-over reflex print provides a “cat’s-eye effect”, as it reflects beams of light extremely effectively at night as well – ensuring the BMW i3 cuts a clearly visible and alluring figure even when it’s covered up.

Available for the BMW i3. Price: €156.

Gone in seconds:

The BMW i cable bag.

The functional, lightweight cable bag made from recycled materials ensures every BMW i charging cable can be packed away quickly and conveniently. The large aperture allows the cable to be stowed away using just one hand, and the bag can be sealed up quickly and simply using the roll and snap closure. A very practical feature at public charging stations is the microfibre cloth that comes with the bag and can be used to wipe the cable dry in a matter of seconds. And if it is still wet when placed in the bag, the moisture won’t get any further: the bag’s robust, waterproof base ensures the luggage compartment remains dry and clean at all times.

Available for the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Price: €26.

Optimal protection – 365 days a year:

The BMW i all-weather floor mat.

The all-weather floor mat for the BMW i3 sees the debut appearance of a laminated plastic developed from three layers and combining the aesthetically pleasing looks of a fabric mat with the functionality of an all-weather item. The customer therefore enjoys – in a single product – the high-quality looks of a fabric mat for the summer and the practical benefits of a dirt-resistant and waterproof rubber mat for between the seasons and the winter. By request from the BMW Group, the supplier has, for the first time, managed to manufacture all three layers of the floor mat from the same chemical family, making the entire product 100 percent recyclable. To offer maximum protection, the anti-slip mat has raised edging and slips seamlessly into the interior of the BMW i3. The mat covers the continuous footwell from the driver’s side to the front-passenger side, accentuating the lounge-style character of the interior evoked, not least, by the absence of a centre tunnel.

Available for the BMW i3. Price for the front floor mats (two-piece): €78. Price for the rear floor mats (two-piece): €63.50.

Holding everything together:

The BMW i transport net.

The sun blind for the BMW i3 is indispensable in changing weather conditions. Tailored to the car’s geometry, it can be put in place and removed in the blink of an eye by simply clipping it into the fixed holder or unclipping it again. If it is no longer needed, a clever folding mechanism ensures it can be stowed away in the space-saving nylon bag supplied. The sun blind – which bears a printed BMW i logo – is made from a 100 percent recycled PET material and is supplied by a German yarn manufacturer, which has developed it exclusively for the BMW Group.

Available for the BMW i3. Price for the rear window: €93.50. Price for the rear side windows (left or right), two-piece: €83.

Posted: May 30, 2014

BMW proudly presents the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (combined fuel consumption: 8.1–4.5 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 189–119 g/km), the first four-door coupé in the premium midsize class that represents a consistent extension of the model range. Following the launch of the BMW 4 Series Coupé and Convertible, the Gran Coupé is the third model to join the new BMW 4 Series, which is longer, wider and more dynamic than any of the previous midsize series due to the balanced proportions of the vehicles. The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé combines the sleek look of a two-door coupé with the functionality provided by four-doors and expansive spaciousness, including a wide-access luggage compartment.


New standard of elegance and extravagance in the midsize class.

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé has exactly the same dimensions as the two-door coupé: a length of 4,638 millimeters, a width of 1,825 millimeters and a wheelbase of 2,810 millimeters. Up front, both models are identical and share the typical BMW design features like the double-kidney grille, dual round headlights and the large air intake in the front apron. However, the roof of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé is twelve millimeters higher, 112 mm longer and gently stretched allowing it to flow smoothly into the rear quarter panels and boot lid. The typical BMW short overhangs, the long bonnet and the set-back passenger compartment complement the design of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé to express perfect balance combined with a bold presence.


This extended roofline highlights the elegance and sophistication of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, while setting new standards for aesthetics in the midsize class that also have decisive practical advantages. For example, there is more headroom in the interior, not to mention added comfort. The boot volume of 480 liters is 35 liters larger than that of the two-door version for more convenience in meeting the challenges of everyday driving situations with the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé.



Dynamic and elegant concept with functional elements.

When compared with a two-door coupé, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé offers passengers easier access when entering or leaving the vehicle thanks to the four-door configuration. The doors are frameless, having the characteristic design features of BMW midsize coupés that emphasize the elegance of the vehicle concept. The functional elegance of the 4+1 seater is highlighted by prominent round instruments with a black panel look and the free-standing flat-screen iDrive monitor. The wide-access boot opening and spacious luggage area makes loading and unloading much easier. The 40:20:40 split folding backrest of the rear seat ensures added flexibility. The maximum volume of the boot is 1,300 liters and is best-in-class when it comes to the premium four-door coupés currently offered. The boot lid is equipped as standard with an automatic opening and closing mechanism for maximum convenience, and the Smart Opener feature can be ordered to open and close the lid with a movement of the foot.


Wide-ranging customizing options offered by three special equipment packages, the M Sport package and the BMW Individual program.

The interior of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé represents elegance and sophistication combined with outstanding ergonomics. All controls are configured to give the driver optimal access to them. An approach known as layering – the intelligent utilization of space through the structuring of lines and surfaces into layers – expresses the hallmark BMW driver focus. Lines from the cockpit stretch along the front doors and the B column into the rear passenger compartment. They create a sense of unity encompassing the front and back seats, as do the seamless transitions formed by the interior door panels. The shape of the rear bench seat resembles the look of two individual seats, but the upholstered “console surface” between them can also accommodate a third passenger in the middle (4+1 seater). Extraordinary material combinations and unrivalled quality of workmanship define the premium ambience on board the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. The standard model variant, plus three optional equipment packages and the M Sport package, leave no wishes unfulfilled for drivers wanting a special look and feel. The BMW Individual program offered at market launch includes options for creating an exclusive vehicle with special leather interior packages, exterior colors and 19-inch light-alloy wheels.



Four and six-cylinder petrol engines, plus two four-cylinder diesel engines available at model launch.

The new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé offers a choice of five powerful, cultivated and efficient engines. The high-end is represented by the 435i’s six-cylinder in-line 3.0-liter petrol engine delivering 225 kW/306 hp (fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 11.4/6.2/8.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 189 g/km). The BMW 428i Gran Coupé (fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 8.9/5.3/6.6 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 154 g/km)and the BMW 420i Gran Coupé (fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 8.7/5.1/6.4 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 149 g/km) are equipped with light and powerful four-cylinder engines that deliver 180 kW/245 hp and 135 kW/184 hp, respectively. Like all BMW diesel variants, the two four-cylinder engines offered for the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé are known for their smoothness, torque and outstanding efficiency. The BMW 420d Gran Coupé (fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 5.8/4.1/4.7 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 124 g/km) delivers 135 kW/184 hp with an average fuel consumption, depending on tires, of only 4.7 to 4.9 liters per 100 kilometers (4.6 to 4.7 liters with sport automatic transmission) and sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in only 7.7 seconds (7.5 seconds with sport automatic transmission). The engine in the BMW 418d Gran Coupé (fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 5.4/4.0/4.5 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 119 g/km) has an output of 105 kW/143 hp and consumes 4.5 to 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers.


All diesel and petrol engines feature the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and comply with the EU6 emissions standard. The ultramodern engines combine impressive elasticity and dynamics with very low fuel consumption and emissions.


xDrive and two Steptronic transmissions are available.

At model launch, the BMW 428i Gran Coupé and 420d Gran Coupé can be optionally equipped with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive technology. (428i xDrive: fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 9.0/5.5/6.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 159 g/km; 420d xDrive: fuel consumption urban/extra-urban/combined: 6.1/4.2/4.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emission: 129 g/km) The standard variant of the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé features a six-speed manual transmission, but all engines can be combined with the optional eight-speed Steptronic or eight-speed sport Steptronic transmissions, which also feature manual shifting using paddles on the steering wheel.




BMW EfficientDynamics – sporty performance, low consumption.

The elegant and dynamic character of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé is accompanied by excellent economy and efficiency. The source of this low fuel consumption can be traced to the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy, with wide-ranging innovations for intelligent mobility. These innovations include the optimized fuel economy of the petrol and diesel engines, the lightweight construction concept and honed aerodynamics with features such as a smooth covered underbody and the use of Air Curtains and Air Breathers. Brake Energy Regeneration, the Auto Start Stop function, the gear shift indicator and ancillary components that are activated on-demand also contribute to fuel savings and reduced emissions. Automatic transmissions (Steptronic) can also reduce consumption with coasting mode, and even more is possible with ECO PRO mode.


BMW ConnectedDrive – 100 percent connectivity.

The entire range of BMW ConnectedDrive options can be ordered for the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. Among the highlights are the Navigation System Professional, the full-color BMW Head-Up Display, Driving Assistant, the glare-free High Beam Assistant, Active Protection and the latest development stage of the Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function. Innovative interface technology also permits easy integration of smartphones in the vehicles. This supports the use of the dynamically growing selection of apps available, for example, from Audible or Deezer, for various purposes in the vehicles.


Posted: Apr 3, 2014

Developed from motor racing expertise, perfectly tailored to the model in question and designed to be combined according to individual preference – this is the BMW M Performance Parts program. BMW is now expanding the range in this product area with the addition of retrofit options for the BMW 4 Series. What is more, model-specific BMW M Performance Parts are available for the BMW M automobiles as well as for the models of the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 6 Series.


Conceived in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH, the retrofit components in the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit provide a significant bonus in terms of driving dynamics as well as adding a touch of sporty flair to both the exterior and the interior ambiance of the automobile.


Following the ideal line to a more intensive driving experience: BMW M Performance Parts for the BMW 4 Series.


Model-specific BMW M Performance Parts available from the beginning of 2014 provide additional ways of authentically emphasizing the sporty character of the coupé and making the driving experience even more intense. The BMW M Performance Power Kit available for the BMW 420d (+12Kw, +40Nm), BMW 430d (+20kW, +40Nm) and BMW 435i (+25kW, +50Nm) delivers a perceptible increase in power and performances, without affecting fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels. A BMW M Performance silencer system is also available for the models BMW 428i and BMW 435i. It comprises BMW M Performance tailpipe embellishers in chrome, as well as in carbon for the BMW 435i.


Meanwhile the BMW M Performance limited-slip differential ensures traction-optimized power transmission on bends. Other features that boost the coupé’s dynamic potential are the BMW M Performance suspension with sporty set-up, the BMW M Performance brake system with red, yellow or orange calipers and the BMW M Performance light alloy wheels. The weight-optimized forged wheels in 20-inch format are available in two design variants as well as in the typical BMW M Performance bi-colour look in Ferric Grey with burnished spoke fronts. Another new feature in the BMW M Performance range is the 18-inch winter complete wheel sets in double-spoke design.


The dynamic charisma of the BMW 4 Series can also be given greater emphasis by means of BMW M Performance components for the exterior. A black radiator grid for the BMW kidney grille, a diffuser insert for the rear apron, side sill foils with M Performance inscription, BMW M Performance side stripes and carbon front splitters, mirror caps and rear spoiler optimize the coupe’s sporty appearance and aerodynamic properties. An interior ambience inspired by racing is ensured by the BMW M Performance sports steering wheel with red central marking or Race Display in 12 o’clock position as well as gear lever and handbrake handle in carbon including Alcantara gaiter. A carbon finish is likewise available for the gear selector switch of the automatic transmission. In addition, interior strips in carbon and Alcantara, high-grade steel pedals, a specially designed driver footrest and BMW M Performance floor mats are also available for the BMW 4 Series.

Posted: Mar 31, 2014

Munich. BMW is set to launch its latest generation of bikes in spring 2014. With an innovative frame design and specialist expertise in automotive engineering, the Munich-based car manufacturer is well positioned to continue its success and consolidate its excellent reputation in the bicycle sector.


Clear-cut design meets pioneering technology.


Like all vehicles produced by the BMW Group, the 2014 bicycle collection meets top standards in quality and design. The design of this new third-generation frame gives the bicycle’s functional geometric shape a stylish and dynamic look. The signature feature of the bikes in the collection is the “bull neck” on the front of the top tube. The frame is reminiscent of a motorbike, tracing the outline of the tank. Another enhancement is the third generation bikes’ seamless design. The welding lines are smooth and all cables run inside the frame. The bold colour contrasts and subtle branding further complement the clear-cut design by DesignworksUSA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMW Group. “Our main aim in designing the 2014 bike collection was to harmonise BMW’s distinctive style with customer expectations and produce a recognisable product family,” says Evgueni Maslov, Senior Designer at DesignworksUSA.


The 2014 collection is not just innovative in terms of its design, it also includes a range of new technical features. Alongside innovations by BMW itself, the new models are fitted with components by top manufacturers like Shimano and Suntour. The hydroformed frame is robust and light, guaranteeing optimal efficiency by ensuring maximum power transfer with minimum effort.


The new bike collection includes the BMW Cruise Bike, a new sporty version of the M Bike, the Cruise e-bike, and the comfortable and functional all-rounder, the BMW Trekking Bike.


The story behind the current bike collection.


BMW has been building innovative high-quality bikes for the past 60 years and has been a trailblazer in the industry on more than one occasion. In the 1950s BMW produced its first bicycle made of aluminium, a material that would only become popular in the industry around 30 years later. BMW engineers also played a decisive role in developing the suspension fork when they applied the design of a motorbike suspension fork to a mountain bike. The folding mechanism used on the BMW G Bike at the turn of the millennium also proved to be a pioneering development in the industry. The frames designed by DesignworksUSA for the second and now for the third generation of BMW bike collections are bold design statements.


The BMW bike collection 2014 and accessories will be available online at and from selected BMW dealers from March.